Love it, hate it or don’t care about it, Wizard Magazine has a place in the history of comics, and some of us were behind the curtain, for better and/or for worse.

I haven’t read the mag since–I don’t know…2001 when I left?–but with its publication now ceased, it’s the end of an era. Despite whatever negative can be said about the mag and the company, I had some good times there and made some lifelong friends.

And if not for working at Wizard (as Web Designer/Online Asst. Editor), my friend, and then boss, Buddy Scalera wouldn’t have introduced me to letterer extraordinaire Chris Eliopoulos and I wouldn’t be lettering comics for a living right now.

Read what one guy who was there since the beginning had to say. And for the record, while he apologizes for his douchebaggery, Doug (Robot Chicken) Goldstein was never a douchebag to me. 🙂