• About

My “Day” Job – I’ve been lettering comicbooks (digitally) for various publishers since 2003, including Image Comics, Marvel Comics, Radical Comics, Archaia, and Dark Horse Comics. Maybe you read them. You should!

My “Side” Jobs – I do freelance illustration, graphic design, and cartooning.

My Passions – Drawing is my first love, mostly pencil and charcoal, but I’ve always liked writing as well, and in recent years, I’ve come to love writing.  I’m determined to make more time for both my art (commercial or “fine” art) and my writing.  I’ve been helping others tell their stories for years; it’s time I told my own stories.

Lettering Stuff – My Tools: Apple iMac, Apple MacBook Pro, Cintiq 21UX tablet-monitor, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe InDesign CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Manga Studio EX5, Autodesk Sketchbook, pencil, pen, paper, etc. Fonts I Use: On Marvel books I exclusively used Chris Eliopoulos’ fonts while as a part of Virtual Calligraphy, as do the other Virtual Calligraphy guys. You can’t buy ’em anywhere, kids. For the current books I letter, I use fonts by Comicraft and Blambot, as well as a few I created myself, mostly sound effects fonts. Lettering Influences: Chris Eliopoulos, John Workman, Richard Starkings, Todd Klein, Tom Orzechowski.

Lettering / Recently Lettered: The Walking Dead, Outcast, Invincible, Super Dinosaur, Thief of Thieves, Ghosted, Clone, Tech Jacket, Sex, Manhattan Projects, East of West, Black Science, Deadly Class, Low, Burn the Orphanage, Non-Humans, some miscellaneous one-shots and mini-series, and other stuff I can’t talk about yet.

Writing / Illustrating: I wrote and illustrated a two page story for Hack/Slash: Trailers Pt 2 (Image Comics), a five page story for the upcoming anthology Fearless Future. I’m also working on my own books, as well as collaborating with a couple talented artists. More to come…