Tim Young interviewed me for his podcast, Deconstructing Comics. I butcher the pronunciation of many names of other comics professionals during the interview, I’m sure. If you don’t want to hear my rambling, Tim has many other good, informative interviews for you. It’s a long interview, clocking in at around an hour and 45 minutes, but hopefully there is some useful information in there about comicbook lettering.

“We turn our attention to comics lettering this week, and longtime letterer Rus Wooton. Rus worked on a lot of Marvel books in the 2000s, and his work can currently be seen on numerous Image titles, including Black Science (left). Tim talks with Rus about what makes lettering good or bad, how to get lettering work, the pluses and minuses of all-caps lettering vs “sentence case,” comics written and drawn by Rus, and more.”

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