As I work, I’ll often have a DVD playing on my TV or my Powerbook next to me, or sometimes I’ll play something on Hulu on my notebook. Documentaries are great for playing while I work because I don’t necessarily have to watch every second of the film, and I love learning new things or just finding out more on something I’m interested in.

Today it was the PBS documentary Tesla: Master of Lightning, about the great and overlooked inventor Nikola Tesla, and Drawing the Line, a film about the late graffitti/pop-artist and social-activist Keith Haring.  I’d seen both before, but I seemed to pick up a few bits of interesting facts about both men that I either missed before or forgot at some point.

Haring didn’t change the world in the way Tesla did but the way both men followed their passions despite outside criticism is admirable and inspiring.  It’s also interesting but sad how both men aren’t as well known as I think they should be.  Both men were oft-maligned unjustly, and in Tesla’s case, corporate politics all but buried his contributions to modern society in his lifetime and in our history books, instead giving far too much credit to his rivals Edison and Marconi.

I’d better get back to work now before I start on some diatribe on the state of people’s priorities in this country when it comes to crediting the true geniuses in life.

Tomorrow’s documentary – Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey!