rus_pat_logoIn case you missed it, I’ve started a new podcast with my good friend and fellow artist, Pat David! Up Late With Rus & Pat, a Podcast From the Dead of Night went live on October 7, and we now have 10 episodes under our belts. There are some audio issues in the first episode, but we cleared those up in time for episode 2. The podcast is now available on iTunes as well!

We’re two creative types who enjoy talking and making the podcast while we work. Whether it be comics, web design, illustration, or graphics, we squeeze the most out of every day in order to accomplish our goals, talking about all of the above and more while we do. The podcast is what happened when Pat suggested we record our conversations as we worked late into the night. I hope you check it out and hope you dig it!

The band Red Hot Rebellion (punk/metal) provides the music for us so that we can sound like we’re professional or something. So check out the podcast if for no other reason than the good opening and closing tunes.